What Is a Hip Roof?

Hip RoofingA hip roof is one of the most popular roof shapes in the United States. If you are building a new home or replacing your current roof, you may likely be considering choosing a hip roof for your home.

A hip roof is a roof with slopes on all four sides. At the top of the roof, there is a ridge where the four slopes meet. Hip roofs are popular because they are extremely sturdy thanks to the inward sloping design. Additionally, hip roofs are often utilized on homes that are in snowy areas because the sloping sides prevent snow from accumulating on top of the roof.

Hip roofs can be built using a variety of roofing materials, such as metal, shingle, slate, or tile. This means you can get this popular roof shape for your home no matter your preferences for material.

Due to the complexity of the hip roof shape, only experienced contractors should be trusted to build this type of roof. Hip roofs feature a complex design and must be properly installed with care and precision to prevent leaks and other potential damage.

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