What Is a Gable Roof?

Gable RoofingGable roofs, also known as a peaked or pitched roof, are one of the most popular roofs for homeowners. They feature an easily recognizable triangle shape. Gable roofs have a number of unique features that provide benefits for homeowners.

Benefits of a Gable Roof

Gable roofs are often less expensive to build than other types of roofs because they feature a simple design that is typically easier to construct. Additionally, the unique design of a gable roof allows for more room for an attic or attractive vaulted ceilings. Gable roofs are often utilized on homes in snowy areas because the shape of the roof allows snow to easily fall off the roof.

The best types of material to cover a gable roof are either asphalt shingles or metal. It is critical that if the roof contains a dormer, there must be a proper flashing of valleys and end-walls around the dormer.

Gable roofs are typically not recommended for homes in areas where hurricanes and other high-force wind conditions are common. However, if a homeowner in this type of area does want a gable roof for their home, there is a solution. It is critical in these situations that proper braces are used to support the roof. Additionally, homeowners should have their gable roofs inspected after large storms to ensure no serious damage has occurred.

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