Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Vinyl Windows from Roland Slate Service Company

Vinyl Windows Annapolis MD

Did you know that the appliance that consumes the most energy in your home is most likely your HVAC unit? It’s true. In fact, for most homeowners in the Annapolis area, the majority of the energy they consume on a monthly basis is actually used by their HVAC unit. With that being the case, it is obviously  economically sound idea to make it as easy as possible for your HVAC unit to maintain a cozy interior temperature. One way to do this is to have new vinyl windows installed from Roland Slate Service.

The vinyl windows that we offer are of the highest caliber in terms of beauty, durability, and energy efficient. They have a plethora of features that help  reduce heat transfer, moisture incursion, and airflow, including:

  • Chambered frames that help to curtail airflow
  • Fiberglass reinforcements that also serve as insulation inside the window
  • Vinyl frames that will never warp, crack, or swell, ensuring an airtight seal for years to come
  • Telescoping sill dams that keep water from pooling at the base of the frame
  • Optional glass packages with thermally treated, Low-E coatings

Plus, when you choose Roland Slate Service to install your new vinyl windows, you can rest assured that our installers will ensure a perfect fit and apply highly effective weatherstripping, to optimize the performance of your replacement windows. We even stand by their work with a one-year labor warranty.

To learn more about how you can ease the burden on your HVAC unit by having new vinyl windows installed, contact Roland Slate Service today. We proudly serve homeowners all throughout Annapolis and surrounding cities.

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