Why Have Snow Guards Installed on Your Home or Business in Rockville, MD

Snow Guards Rockville MDSnow guards are critical to protecting your home or business during the winter season in Rockville, Maryland. During a storm, snow will pile on your roof. However, after the storm retreats, temperature fluctuations can cause the snow to melt and refreeze, creating a massive sheet of ice. Once this happens, temperature increases can cause the entire sheet to slide off your roof at once in an avalanche—a potentially destructive and dangerous event.

How Do Snow Guards Prevent Snow Avalanches?

Snow guards are installed at strategic points on your roof to restrain sheets of ice from sliding off your roofing system. Instead of sliding off all at once, ice falls off in smaller chunks or simply melts as temperatures increase,  diverting into your gutters and safely away from your home.

So, when should you have snow guards installed? Snow retention can be a smart addition to any type of roof, but is particularly important for metal roofing systems. Whereas materials, such as asphalt shingles, tend to absorb heat, metal roof systems are more prone to heating up, increasing the risk of a snow avalanche.

Where to Turn for Snow Guards

To ensure you receive a top-quality snow retention system and that it is installed correctly, turn to the experts at Roland Slate Service Company. We are a family-owned and -operated company that has been installing snow guards since 1989. Since this time, we’ve maintained a reputation for professionalism, quality, and top-notch workmanship. The snow guards we install come from the trusted name Berger Building Products and are installed by in-house experts, ensuring exceptional, lasting results.

Learn more about the snow guards we install on homes in Rockville, MD, by contacting Roland Slate Service Company today.

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