Snow Guards Will Help Prevent Damage at Your Cockeysville, MD, Home

Snow guards Cockeysville, MD Snow guards prevent snow and ice from avalanching off your rooftop all at once, which can cause excessive damage and injure anyone who happens to be standing in the way. They are essential in areas that receive heavy snowfall and ice buildup, like Cockeysville, Maryland, especially for homeowners who have slippery slate, tile, or metal roofs. For high-performance snow guards and an expert installation, turn to the pros at Roland Slate Service Company. We’re a highly experienced, family-owned company that’s proud to offer the cutting-edge products you need and the friendly, old-fashioned service you deserve.

How Do Snow Guards Work?

Snow and ice are bound to accumulate on your roof over the winter, and eventually, they will start to melt. When this happens, large sheets of snow and ice can slide off the roof at once, damaging anything they land on. Snow guards prevent this from happening by holding snow and ice back and breaking it into smaller pieces. They can also help distribute the weight of snow and ice as it collects on your rooftop to prevent roof damage and cave-ins.

Can You Install Snow Guards Yourself?

As with any home product, proper installation is key when it comes to snow guards. In order to function properly, the guards need to be spaced out correctly, and the right layout for your guards will depend on many factors, including the slope of your roof and the location of high-risk areas like entryways, gutters, and skylights. Improper installation methods will render the guards ineffective and can result in damage to your roof. For these reasons, it’s best to partner with an experienced contractor rather than install snow guards yourself.

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Make sure your Cockeysville, MD, home is ready for a long winter by having the experts at Roland Slate Service Company install snow guards on your roof. We have more than three decades of experience and can install your snow guards flawlessly. Give us a call today to learn more and request a free estimate.

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