Snow Guards Protect Property & Improve Safety in Bethesda, MD

Snow Guards Bethesda MDWinter in Bethesda, Maryland, brings heavy snowfall and with it a variety of maintenance tasks, from shoveling the driveway to clearing ice dams from your home or business’ eaves. However, heavy snow also brings risk. For example, as snow piles up on your roof, the chances of a sudden snow avalanche increases, which can damage your property and potentially harm those standing underneath your roof. To prevent this, Roland Slate Service Company offers snow guards.

What Are Snow Guards?

Also called snow retention systems, snow guards are available in numerous styles; however, they are all designed to prevent snow and ice from falling off a roofing system all at once. Instead, as snow and ice being to melt, the water drips slowly, allowing it to be diverted by your gutter system, thereby preventing damage to your roof, eaves, and gutters.

When Should You Have Snow Guards Installed?

Snow guards are a smart investment for any homeowner or business owner whose property is in an area that is prone to heavy snowfall. Though they can be installed on virtually any roofing system, snow guards are especially important to install on metal roofs, as this material is more prone to avalanches after snow has piled up.

Why Trust Roland Slate Service Company to Install Your Snow Guards?

At Roland Slate Service Company, we have a team of in-house roofing experts who specialize in roofing solutions for local homeowners. In fact, we have been installing snow guards for more than 30 years, and have maintained a reputation for providing exceptional service and value, as evidenced by our long-standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Contact Roland Slate Service Company today to learn more about the snow guards that we install on homes in Bethesda, MD.

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