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Chimney Tuckpointing

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Over time, the mortar joints become damaged due to severe weather conditions, particularly excessive amounts of water. When the mortar joints become weak enough, water can go deeper into the joints and cause major structural issues to the chimney. Moisture can do a serious amount of unseen damage, such as mold, mildew, and rotting wood. Moisture can also cause the ceiling and wallpaper around the chimney to become stained. To prevent this and fix the issue of weak mortar joints, tuckpointing must be performed on the chimney.

Tuckpointing” is a repair process which stops the destructive process and provides numerous benefits. The basic idea behind tuckpointing is that damaged mortar is removed, and it is replaced with fresh mortar. Tuckpointing a red brick chimney involves the following basic steps:

  1. Grounding or routing out the old mortar at a uniform depth.
  2. Filling in red mortar in the newly routed grooves.
  3. Cutting thin strips down the middle of the red mortar, to form grooves.
  4. Filling in the grooves with a mortar color which matches the original mortar on the outside of the structure.

Tuckpointing is really a crucial procedure, to preserve the life of a chimney. Some of the benefits of performing needed tuckpointing on chimneys include:

  • Corrosion of the mortar joints is stopped.
  • Structural stability of the chimney is restored.

Failing to repair mortar joints will result in a weak chimney structure which will eventually begin to lean or collapse.

Tuckpointing is far more cost-effective than a complete tear-down and rebuild. The procedure allows you to avoid the expense of completely replacing the chimney structure. Contact us today to get an estimate on tuck pointing a chimney.

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