A Gorgeous New Roof Starts with an Accurate Roof Estimate

Roof Estimate Catonsville When it comes time for a roof replacement, any savvy consumer knows how important it is to get quotes from multiple companies. However, what some people may not know is that there are roofing companies out there that try to make a quick buck by providing a low roof estimate and then jacking up the price at the end of the job due to “unexpected costs.” These companies often insist on giving quotes over the phone, even though it is impossible to accurately determine the scope of a roof replacement with only a single phone conversation.

Trust Roland Slate Service Company with Your Roof Estimate

The experts at Roland Slate Service Company know all the ins and outs of the roofing business and can guide you through your entire roof replacement project from start to finish. We are well known throughout Catonsville and surrounding areas for our:

  • Impeccable customer service
  • Expert installation
  • Wide variety of top-quality products
  • Iron-clad warranties

We are also known for our ability to give an accurate roof estimate. Instead of simply guessing what the job might entail, we will visit your Catonsville area home and perform a thorough inspection of your roof to assess any problems that might be present. This helps to avoid unwanted hiccups in the roof replacement process. Then we will provide you with a guaranteed roof estimate, so there are no surprises on your end either.

To get started with your roof estimate, contact Roland Slate Service Company today and schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience.

About Us

Roland Slate Service Company is a highly trusted, family-owned and -operated, award-winning specialty roofer. We service all slate, asphalt, copper, and metal roofing, and provide renovations for historic roofs. We also perform masonry repairs, in addition to selling and installing premium doors, windows, siding, and other home improvement products.