How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost?

How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost The cost of metal roofing depends on a variety of factors. There are many questions that need to be answered in order to determine the full cost of the project. For example, what type of metal is being used? Copper? Steel? Aluminum? What condition is the roof currently in? If it is in disrepair, that could increase the cost of the project. Are you replacing the whole roof or just a small portion? These are the kinds of issues you will need to discuss with your roofing contractor in order to determine the cost.

Schedule an In-Home Consultation

Many roofing companies will try to earn your business by throwing out a lowball figure during a phone consultation. However, the truth is that the cost of a metal roofing project simply cannot be accurately determined with just a phone call, and any contractor who says otherwise is probably trying to pull a fast one.

Determine the Type of Metal Roofing You Want

While steel is traditionally the most popular metal roofing material, thanks to its durability, copper is becoming increasingly popular as well. It is just as durable and is perfect for accenting certain parts of the roof like awnings and flashing.

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When you are ready to receive an accurate quote for metal roofing, contact Roland Slate Service Company. We will visit your Baltimore area home and provide you with a guaranteed estimate that won’t be subject to hidden fees. And our installers will complete the job with unmatched care and precision. When all is said and done, you will receive a gorgeous, durable metal roof for a fair price and will be happy you chose us for the job.

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