How to Clean the Tile Roof on Your Baltimore, MD, Home

How to Clean a Tile Roof Baltimore MDTile roofing is a beautiful and popular option for homeowners in the Baltimore, Maryland, area. But, those with this type of roof already installed on their home know that tile roofing is susceptible to the growth of mold, lichen, algae, and other organisms. All this means, however, is that a tile roof must be properly cleaned from time to time. So, what is the best way to clean a tile roof?

Consider Turning to a Professional

Truthfully, you may want to consider hiring a professional when it comes time to clean your roof. Cleaning a tile roof involves climbing a ladder and walking on a potentially slippery roof, so it can be a dangerous task for those who are not used to performing it.

Pressure Washing

That said, the most effective way to clean a tile roof is by pressure washing:

  • Use a ladder to get on top of the roof. Step only where the tiles overlap, as these are the sturdiest areas.
  • Start on one side and work your way backward to the other end of the roof. This will allow you to remain on a dry spot to minimize your risk of slipping.
  • Set your pressure washer to a low psi and rinse dirt and debris off your roof. Start at the top of the roof and spray toward the gutters to ensure the dirty water is moving off your roof.

Still Have Questions?

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