Trust Your Emergency Roof Repair to Seasoned Experts

Emergency Roof Repair Towson No one wants to have to undergo an emergency roof repair. Unfortunately, many Timonium homeowners find themselves in this very situation. Luckily you have a partner you can turn to who truly cares about your wellbeing and helping you get back to your normal daily life. Roland Slate Service Company has been building and repairing roofs in the area for more than three decades. We want to help you get back on your feet, and you can have confidence that we will make that happen as quickly as possible.

What Are the Steps Associated with an Emergency Roof Repair?

First, we will visit your home and assess the damage that has been done. Our expert technicians take a meticulous approach to inspection and are always incredibly thorough so that nothing ends up flying under our radar. Once we have fully assessed the situation, we will provide you with a quote for your emergency roof repair project. Depending on the amount of damage, this may result in a full roof replacement. But, rest assured, we will always recommend the solution that is best for you as the homeowner.

Don’t Delay! Contact Us Today

The last thing you want to do is wait on your emergency roof repair as your problems are likely only to get worse. Contact Roland Slate Service Company and set up your free consultation. We have been repairing roofs in the Timonium area for over three decades, and we would like to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.

About Us

Roland Slate Service Company is a highly trusted, family-owned and -operated, award-winning specialty roofer. We service all slate, asphalt, copper, and metal roofing, and provide renovations for historic roofs. We also perform masonry repairs, in addition to selling and installing premium doors, windows, siding, and other home improvement products.