Why Seek Chimney Repair for Your Timonium Home?

Chimney Repair Timonium

Your chimney might not be high up on your home maintenance checklist. If that’s the case, it may be time to rethink your priorities. It’s essential to seek a chimney repair service as soon as possible after noticing a potential issue to prevent substantial damage to your home down the line. This is because even minor cracks can allow water to infiltrate where it can freeze and expand, quickly worsening the damage. But what signs of potential chimney damage should you look for on your Timonium, Maryland, home? There are a few; the most common include:

  • Weakened mortar joints – Signs, such as bowing in the masonry or cracked or crumbling mortar shouldn’t be ignored. This may be difficult to identify from the ground. So, it’s best for an expert to come out and take a close-up look at your masonry to determine the health of your mortar joints.
  • Mold and mildew growth on the ceiling – Look for yellowish or dark spots on the ceiling beneath the location of the chimney. This could indicate that water is infiltrating cracks in the masonry, which could eventually cause widespread damage.
  • Roof damage around the chimney – Chimneys in disrepair can lead to extensive roof damage if not fixed up properly and expediently.

Chimneys are constantly exposed to the elements, enduring extreme temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, and ice. So, it’s only a matter of time before the masonry begins to erode. If you’re not sure of your capabilities to diagnose potential chimney problems, ask a professional, like us at Roland Slate Service Company, to come out and take a look.

The Roland Slate Difference

At Roland Slate Service Company, we set the bar for chimney repair. As a family-owned and -operated business, we adhere to ethical business practices, which means you can place your trust in us. Our team of experienced masonry experts has decades of experience between them, and it shows in the quality of their craftsmanship. What’s more, we place a dedicated focus on customer service—we’ll keep you in the loop on the status of your project regularly. Additionally, we back all of the work we perform with a one-year warranty to provide our customers with peace of mind.

Our Approach to Chimney Repair

No matter what the condition of your chimney, you can count on Roland Slate Service Company to provide a comprehensive repair. The most common technique we use is called tuckpointing. This involves grinding out damaged mortar and applying new mortar, thereby preventing further corrosion and restoring the structural stability of the chimney. We also offer more extensive chimney repair solutions for homeowners who need it. For example, we can replace loose bricks or even provide complete rebuilds. And, as the region’s foremost roofing experts, we can repair any damage to the surrounding roofing if it is needed.

Do you need help diagnosing an issue with your chimney that might require repair? If so, call Roland Slate Service Company to set up a consultation at your Timonium, MD, home.

About Us

Roland Slate Service Company is a highly trusted, family-owned and -operated, award-winning specialty roofer. We service all slate, asphalt, copper, and metal roofing, and provide renovations for historic roofs. We also perform masonry repairs, in addition to selling and installing premium doors, windows, siding, and other home improvement products.